Refersion is a network built to make performance marketing easy and effective for affiliate program managers. This 2-year-old company works with business publishers of all sizes and partners from product evolution to custom marketing. Refersion is an online platform with the best CBD affiliate programs where affiliates can promote multiple brands. Customers who buy CBD oils, whether they be cannabis extracts or diluted hemp seed oil, are tracked by Refersion and credited to the corresponding affiliate. Affiliates might also wish to use the Refersion affiliate network to buy first quality CBD hemp oil at discounted prices.



Commission Type

Supports three different commission structures:

  1. Percentage of sale
  2. Flat rate
  3. Tiered

Base and Maximum Commission

The Refersion affiliate program portal will pay commissions based upon the wishes of the associated affiliate program. Commissions between 15% and 20% are most common. CBD affiliates can recommend or promote many CBD store’s products via referral through text links, banner ads, product links, and more.

Cookie Duration

The Refersion affiliate platform allows program managers to set the length of time a visitor must make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link before the affiliate link attribution resets. The cookie day period can be set between 1 to 2,147,483,647 days. Generally, the default value of most Refersion CBD affiliate programs is set to 60 days.

Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value


Subscription Program

Not applicable.

Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Refersion does not have a dedicated affiliate manager to our knowledge. CBD affiliates must use the affiliate portal for managing commissions and referral links. It is possible that a dedicated affiliate manager could be assigned in the case of VIP CBD affiliates.

Affiliate Manager Email

If you’d like to contact affiliate marketing managers at Refersion you may do so here:

Marketing Tools Available

Yes, Refersion has marketing tool integrations with popular tools like Klaviyo. Additionally, Refersion supports subscriptions via integrations with ReCharge. Stripe is another method by which Refersion allows customization of products.

Affiliate Platform

Refersion is the owner of the affiliate marketing network. They are professionally referred to as the Refersion Network.

Customized Lander Available

Yes, Refersion customizes landing pages for affiliate programs.

Promotional Assets


Offers Upsells to Customers

Not applicable.

Payment Options

Refersion pays affiliates via PayPal. Another option named Refersion Rails payment is available, which is routed through the affiliates’ PayPal or bank account.

Payment Cycle

The Refersion affiliate program begins their payment cycle on the 1st of each month.



Unique Selling Point

Refersion affiliate programs have a good reputation in the market. Most have excellent quality CBD oil products. The Refersion affiliate program offers competitive commission policies and profitable marketing strategy ideas that make publishers and affiliates happy alike. Refersion handles all of the heavy-lifting, allowing affiliate managers to focus on business partnerships with affiliates like bloggers, social media influencers, CBD brand ambassadors and promoters.

Stats Dashboard Description

Refersion has partnered with Affluent to harness its affiliate data more effectively. Affluent works with publishers and agencies and collects data into a dashboard from where custom reports and sales metrics can be computed.

Affiliate Sign-up Link

Please visit this link to learn more about the Refersion affiliate platform:

Learn More About This Program

To learn more information about the Refersion affiliate program go to this page:


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