The Pure Spectrum affiliate program allows affiliates to sell their range of CBD products, including bubble gums, CBD isolate, topical skincare, vape cartridges, tinctures, salves and a CBD product line for dogs and cats. Pure Spectrum’s CBD isolate is 99% pure

All CBD products are derived from home-grown hemp. Pure Spectrum CBD owns every aspect of the manufacturing of its CBD product range, from farming to shipping. From the selection of seeds to the use of best extraction techniques and ensuring speedy delivery, Pure Spectrum CBD adheres to the strictest quality standards at every stage. All products are tested for potency and quality.

The company’s CBD products have been known to improve migraines and conditions of the gut. Pure Spectrum CBD is involved in the constant research of new methods that enhance the medical potency of its product range and provide maximum relief to users.

Pure Spectrum CBD maintains a partnership with well-known universities and institutions including the Cannabis Research Foundation to be abreast of the latest in the CBD industry.


Positive. The company has a positive reputation in the press. The company has featured in reputed publications including PBS, Fox Business and CBS.

Commission Type

% of sales

Base and Maximum Commission


Cookie Duration


Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value


Subscription Program


Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Yes, affiliates receive messaging support, phone support, online support through RevOffers Ticket system and email support.

Affiliate Manager Email

[email protected]; ticket system support is offered through

Marketing Tools Available

Yes – text links and other marketing content

Affiliate Platform

Leading affiliate marketing network RevOffers.

Customized Lander Available


Promotional Assets

Pure Spectrum CBD affiliate program offers links, contests and other marketing content.

Offers Upsells to Customers


Payment Options

PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer

Payment Cycle

Affiliates receive payment once a month. Payments are credited after the last day of the earlier month. Payments are made for all transactions approved in the earlier month.

A minimum balance of $100 is required for PayPal and checks. $5000 is the minimum balance for wire transfers.



Unique Selling Point

· A range of CBD products including pet CBD

· CBD products derived from home-grown hemp

· All products are organic and contain phytocannabinoids

· Company has positive press mentions

· Products have an organic terpene profile

· Lab test certification of CBD products available for viewing on the company’s website

Stats Dashboard Description

Tracking and Reporting Tools from RevOffers

Affiliate Sign-up Link

Please visit the adjacent link to join Pure Spectrum CBD affiliate program:

Learn More About This Program

Please click here for more information on the Pure Spectrum CBD affiliate program.


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