PharmaXtracts Affiliate Program

The PharmaXtracts affiliate program involves a simple sign-up procedure. Just fill in the program details if you agree with the business and commission terms to apply.

What is PharmaXtracts?

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, PharmaXtracts is renowned for selling the purest CBD products. Affiliates interested to sign up can do so on this page, however, to get a deeper insight into the products, promotions, and discounts, kindly visit the Instagram page. PharmaXtracts sells highest quality vape juices, tinctures, disposable vape pens, vape cartridges, capsules and more at competitive prices.



Commission Type

Percentage of sale acquired on affiliate site/social media

Base Commission

You can apply for free. PharmaXtracts’ CBD affiliate program offers a whopping 30% of base commission on sales earned on affiliates’ social media or website. Affiliates must include their affiliate link in promo materials, otherwise, the resulting sales will not be credited to the respective accounts.

Cookie Duration

Conversion happens within 30 days, ensuring the receipt of credit for the affiliates.

Estimated Conversion Rate

XX% conversion rate, in accordance with affiliate statistics

Estimated Order Value

Order size of XX in accordance with affiliate statistics

Subscription Program

Yes, this is subscription-based.

Conversion action

Online purchase; assured, valid and timely payment.

Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Marketing Tools

Affiliates can use Banner ads, Product links and Text links to earn sales.

Affiliate Platform

Refersion, a popular and reliable platform.

Promotional Assets

PharmaXtracts provides creative and valuable assets on the website that affiliates can use to acquire sales.

Upsell to Customers


Payment Options

Payments will be done via PayPal

Payment Cycle

Affiliates receive payment once a month



Unique Selling Point

PharmaXtracts comes with over 30 years of industry experience which ensures the buyers receive the purest CBD products. The company sells a range of top-quality CBD products at affordable prices while each product undergoes a series of inspections to make sure it adheres to the industry standards and state regulations.

Stats Dashboard Description

Free tools from Refersion

Affiliate Sign-up Link

Click here to become a PharmaXtracts affiliate

Discover more about this program

Click here to learn more about this program.

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