Established in 2008, Pepperjam has become a global champion in performance-based affiliate marketing. Pepperjam has tasked itself as being an affiliate platform that partners with affiliate managers at brands to ensure top performance in eCommerce. Pepperjam network has partnered with leading brands and operates the best affiliate programs. An example of this is the partnership between Pepperjame and the famous Charlotte Web affiliate program, a brand that has infiltrated the world with its high-quality FDA certified CBD products.


Highly positive and safe.

Commission Type

Performance-based dynamic commissioning

Base and Maximum Commission

Dynamic commissioning helps advertisers to create commission rules based on additional fields of data they receive from publishers. 

Cookie Duration

Conversions occur within 30 days, ensuring affiliates receive credit for sales.

Estimated Conversion Rate

Estimated conversion rate is dependant on the affiliate program

Estimated Order Value

Estimated order value is dependant on the affiliate program

Subscription Program

Yes, the Pepperjam Network supports commissions for subscription-based affiliate programs.

Single or Multi-Level (MLM)

Yes, the Pepperjam network supports MLM style affiliate programs.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager


Affiliate Manager Email

Affiliates can contact the Pepperjam network by filling this form on the website:

Marketing Tools Available

Yes – banner ads and product links are generally available for most Pepperjam affiliate programs

Affiliate Platform

Leading affiliate marketing network – Pepperjam Network.

Customized Lander Available


Promotional Assets

Pepperjam provides affiliates with extremely user-friendly dashboards and custom reporting and analytic tools. Affiliates can use banners, widgets or CPA ads to improve their sales.

Offers Upsells to Customers

Affiliate programs that use the Pepperjam Network might offer upsells. It is dependant on the brand.

Payment Options

Pepperjam Network affiliates are paid in USD. Payment is processed via PayPal

Payment Cycle

Affiliates on the Pepperjam Network receive payment twice per month. The payment cycle is on 1st and 15th of every month



Unique Selling Point

The Pepperjam Network is transparent and offers affiliates and advertises complete access to available data. They also offer dynamic commissioning, enforcement solutions to assure minimum loss of revenue, actionable attribution, brand monitoring, publisher management and more.

Stats Dashboard Description

Pepperjam comes with robust data analytics tools, fraud protection tools such as KPI tracking, dynamic reporting, dynamic commissioning, preferred publisher, code suppression, clickless trading and more.

Affiliate Sign-up Link

To become a Pepperjam network affiliate partner visit them at the following link:

Learn More About This Program

For more information about Pepperjam network’s Ascend program, go here:



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