Set up in 2011, NutriCanna started producing its finished goods for the market in 2012. Affiliates can earn cash by selling their products via the NutriCanna affiliate program. NutriCanna is otherwise called NutriCanna Farms and is sometimes incidentally referred to as NutraCanna. Regardless of the name discrepancy, the company is the proud producer of the purest full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD products.

Today, NutriCanna is a major CBD manufacturing expert in the industry and has launched the NutriCanna affiliate program. The company is synonymous with producing some of the best and superior quality CBD products.

Their ingredients are harvested from the fertile soils of Kentucky. Moreover, the unique process followed by this company employs only the highest quality standards in the production of the best quality CBD products.

NutriCanna works closely with the pharmacists to make sure of the purity of their CBD items. They also work closely with farmers using sustainable farming techniques The company sells several types of CBD oils – organic heart-shaped CBD gummies, a topical cream for pain relief, CBD sleep tablets, and CBD tinctures. These products are made with all-natural ingredients created by an excellent team of scientists, thereby making them safe to use.

The company also has an attractive NutriCanna CBD Affiliate Program to assist in marketing its premium CBD products to the public, which we’ve reviewed in detail below.



Commission Type

Percentage based on sales. Also known as revenue share.

Base and Maximum Commission

The base commission rate offered by NutriCanna for affiliates is 15% on the sales they generate for this brand.

Cookie Duration

Tracking cookies are set for 30 days, ensuring affiliates receive credit when customers need multiple touches before ordering. Therefore, conversions that occur within 30 days are credited to affiliates.

Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value


Subscription Program

NutriCanna does not appear to have a subscription program for customers to save money.

Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Dedicated Affiliate Manager


Affiliate Manager Email


Marketing Tools Available

Yes – Product links, banners, unique affiliate code, and other graphics are available as marketing tools to help promote NutriCanna. There is also a NutriCanna affiliate support team available to assist affiliates.

Affiliate Platform

NutriCanna appears to be listed on multiple affiliate platforms. We saw them listed on various websites but believe their affiliate program to be self-hosted.

Customized Lander Available


Promotional Assets

Affiliates will get graphical artwork and link styles for product promotion.

Offers Upsells to Customers


Payment Options


Payment Cycle

The payment will only start once the affiliate has earned more than $20 income in their NutriCanna affiliate account. If earnings do not cross the $20 threshold, the commission will not be realized or paid. The company holds responsible for paying accounts that cross the $20 threshold.



Unique Selling Point

NutriCanna follows industry-leading CGMP Certified extraction and production methods. The brand exposes itself to this additional effort to provide customers with superior and consistent product quality. Above all, to ensure potency and purity, the brand follows a rigorous third-party testing protocol.

The CBD Products manufactured by NutriCanna use a proprietary line of natural and organic hemp products. They manufacture their products using cruelty-free and non-GMO ingredients. Above all, NutriCanna assures Zero-THC associated with industry-leading production standards. So, the products have been reported to show improvement in both healing and health benefits to users.

NutriCanna’s hemp is grown under a license from the Department of Agriculture, Kentucky. The company also follows stringent guidelines laid down by the USDA. NutriCanna is best known for offering superior quality CBD items at reasonable prices. Their scientists make sure that the customers get only the most potent and purest form of CBD. Also, the complete production and cultivation processes occur in the United States with the quality kept intact.

Stats Dashboard Description

There is a single dashboard to keep track of revenues, payments, and transactions through

Affiliate Sign-up Link

Please visit this link to become NutriCanna CBD affiliate partner:

Learn More About This Program

Read the NutriCanna affiliate program terms and conditions for more information about the NutriCanna CBD affiliate Program. You can also learn more information about NutriCanna CBD affiliate program at the following site:

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