Joy Organics is a family-founded and family-run company offering premium CBD products. The website sells a wide of CBD products including CBD gummies, soft gels, pet products, energy drinks and more. The company currently has a workforce of over 68 employees. Each product on the website is accompanied by a lab report. Products come with free shipping and money-back-guarantee offers.



Commission Type

% of sales

Base and Maximum Commission

Joy Organics CBD Affiliate Program is free to join. Affiliates are encouraged to have a blog or website though it is not mandatory. Affiliates, however, need to have a social media page with at least 1000 followers.

Affiliates receive a 25% commission for every order that results in a purchase on the company website. There is an extra bonus program too.

Cookie Duration

Joy Organics CBD Affiliate Program offers a cookie duration of 60 days.

Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value


Subscription Program


Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Dedicated Affiliate Manager


Affiliate Manager Email

[email protected]

Marketing Tools Available

Yes – logos, banners, text links, images

Affiliate Platform

Network partner Impact Radius

Customized Lander Available


Promotional Assets

Joy Organics offers images, company logo, product reviews, banners, and text links

Offers Upsells to Customers


Payment Options

PayPal and direct deposit

Payment Cycle

Payments are made using an order-locking method. Approved orders are locked a month after the end of the month during which they were tracked. Payments are made when transactions are locked.



Unique Selling Point

· Joy Organics is a company founded on the basis of a personal journey with CBD. The co-founder and CEO of Joy Organics, Joy Smith, used CBD to overcome her sleep issues and support her body with natural products. Her positive CBD experiences and a solid purpose to make more high-quality CBD products accessible, led to the formation of Joy Organics.

· Each and every member of the company brings in a wealth of experience in healthcare, digital marketing, communications, finance, and human resources, making it one of the best establishments to work for and succeed as an affiliate.

· Farm-grown hemp rich in CBD is used for all the products. The hemp is home-grown in the USA.

· Proprietary CBD extraction process ensures “broad-spectrum hemp oil”, which delivers multiplied benefits. Third-party lab testing is performed to ensure high quality.

· Use of proprietary Nanoemulsion Technology produces oil particles of the smallest size, which results in the most effective absorption of the oil by the body.

· Free shipping and money-back guarantee

Stats Dashboard Description

Order tracking, payment processing, campaign results, and other affiliate information, are available through Impact Radius, Joy Organics’ network partner.

Affiliate Sign-up Link

Please visit this Joy Organics CBD Affiliate Program link to become the company’s affiliate partner:

Learn More About This Program

Please click here and here to know more about Joy Organics CBD Affiliation Program.


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