Green Roads CBD affiliate program is a CBD company in operations from 2012. Starting the business at a time when CBD was in its initial stage and faced many problems, its founders took the company to great success. The company is the largest private CBD company in the USA according to studies. The Green Roads CBD offers natural hemp products. It offers CBD oils, Topicals, and Gummies.


One of the top CBD companies.

Commission Type

The Green Roads CBD affiliate program commission is offered as a percentage of sales.

Commission offered

First time affiliates are offered 10% commission on sales. This is a scalable commission and can increase with sales.

Cookie Duration

Green Roads offers a 30 day cookie duration for commission on sales through links.

Discount Code

Green Roads offers a unique discount code that an affiliate can share with their customers. This is helpful to get a discount apart from the commission from the affiliate link. Anyone buying a product who uses the unique discount code will get a discount and the affiliate will get a commission from the sale proceeds.

Company Market share

5.1% of the CBD market share is held by Green Roads.


The market size for CBD products is $23.7 billion and presents excellent opportunities.

Subscription Program


Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Affiliate Platform

The affiliate program is offered through the Shareasale platform


Green Roads may offer creative material for use in promotion.


Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis. Payment is cleared for the previous month between the 7th and 10th of the month. Multiple options for payment are available. A minimum amount of $500 is needed to process payment.

Affiliate E-mail link

[email protected]

Affiliate Sign-up Link

You can sign up from here

Learn More About This Program

More information about the Green Roads affiliation program can be obtained by clicking here.

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