Fresh Bros Affiliate Program

The Fresh Bros affiliate program is one of few high paying affiliate programs in the CBD niche. Unlike most CBD affiliate programs we’ve reviewed, the guys at Fresh Bros are focused on the B2B niche more so than direct to consumer sales. Affiliates promoting Fresh Bros will make the most money promoting their bulk and wholesale goods such as CBD isolate and distillate.

With a typical order value of $5,000, a standard commission on each sale could be $200 or more. Smart affiliates using the right mix of marketing could rake in the cash with commissions like these.



Commission Type

Fresh Bros offers affiliate a percentage of their Gross Revenue as a commission for their effort in providing the buyer.

Base Commission

Fresh Bros offers base commissions of 4% for raw material/bulk finished products and 8% for labeled finished products.

Cookie Duration


Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value

Fresh Bros sports an impressive estimated order value of $5000, making this one of the most lucrative affiliate opportunities in the CBD space. Of course, this order value is for the promotion of Fresh Bros’ bulk goods, and not necessarily a reflection of their typical retail sale.

Subscription Program

Yes. According to Fresh Bros, customers are able to continue making purchases from them on a regular basis.

Single or Multi-Level (MLM)

Fresh Bros Hemp Co. is a single level affiliate program.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Yes, affiliates are given direct contact with someone who will be in charge of ensuring their success.

Affiliate Manager Email

[email protected] or [email protected]

Marketing Tools

Fresh Bros uses various social media platforms to promote their products. Affiliates can mention these in their marketing to improve customer trust in the brand. Social media sites that Fresh Bros uses include: Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Raw Marketplace, and many other sub/sister accounts for various social media, blogs, articles, etc.

Affiliate Platform

The Fresh Bros affiliate program is currently self-hosted and managed by Fresh Bros. Affiliates also have the option to send bulk buyers via email and telephone to Fresh Bros management.

Co-Branding Opportunities

Fresh Bros has informed us that they are open to co-branding opportunities such as dedicated landers, co-branded email campaigns, and more.

Promotional Assets

Fresh Bros has a large number of promotional assets available to affiliates upon demand. These assets include brochures, pricing sheets, catalogs, success tips, and various other information. Further information about products and programs are available on the website. Fresh Bros also has t-shirts, apparel, and can customize marketing materials for VIP affiliates.

Upsell to Customers

Yes, the Fresh Bros sales team attempts to make upsells to their customers at every opportunity. Their hands-on approach allows for this.

Payment Options

Affiliates have the option to be paid using bank transfer, various e-transfers (Venmo, Zelle, Square’s Cash App, Paypal, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay), credit card, direct deposit, check or cash. Really, the sky is the limit with the number and flexibility of payment options.

Payment Cycle

Affiliates are paid at the end of every month.



Unique Selling Point

  • Fully Customized Natural Ingredient and Wholesale Supply
  • All-Inclusive Private Labeling, Manufacturing and Retail
  • All-Encompassing Business Development Services
  • Various Quality Control and Operational Solutions
  • World Famous Hemp Genetics and Smokeable Flower

Stats Dashboard Description

Affiliates can access the incredible platform at The Fresh Bros wholesale platform shows statistics, leaderboard, commissions gathered and closed in real-time, along with will ALL the features the wholesale portal has to offer. Such features include shipment updates, customized invoicing, customized automated emails, customer login, and payment gateways for all major payment options. The technology factor of Fresh Bros is really what sets is apart from the other CBD affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

Affiliate Sign-up Link

If you want to sign-up for the Fresh Bros CBD affiliate program visit

Discover more about this program

To learn more about Fresh Bros and the team behind them, go to

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