The Cloverstrip CBD affiliate program allows affiliates to sell their unique product line of CBD strips. A CBD strip is a thin oral strip that users place onto their tongue for a sublingual effect. Each strip contains about 10 mg of CBD. This product must be taken Sublingual. To enjoy this product all you have to do is place it under your tongue for around 10-15 seconds and then swallow the strip. This product can be taken once in eight hours.


CloverStrip CBD’s affiliate program has a good reputation.

Commission Type

CloverStrip offers a percentage of the total sales as a commission.

Base and Maximum Commission

The percentage of commission offered by the company is 15% and if the sale is 1000 dollars they provide free CBD strips.

Cookie Duration

The normal Cookie duration for the company is 30 days.

Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value


Subscription Program


Single or Multi-Level (MLM)


Dedicated Affiliate Manager


Affiliate Manager Email

To get more information about Cloverstrip CBD you can contact Stephen Sweeney either at 971-302-7178 or you can send him an email at [email protected]

Marketing Tools Available

You can get in contact with Stephen Sweeney for more details about the marketing tools available.

Affiliate Platform

Cloverstrips use Refersion network to keep track of sales and pay commission.

Customized Lander Available

So far there is no customized lander available. At not that I know of.

Promotional Assets

Cloverstrips is selling both vape pens and CBD strips. Their CBD strip is a relatively new product and that is an asset that is worth promoting.

Offers Upsells to Customers


Payment Options

Refersion offers different payment options to pay affiliates including Paypal. Unfortunately, I could not find the exact payment option chosen by Cloverstrips.

Payment Cycle




Unique Selling Point

The unique selling point of Cloverstrips is that they are selling a unique product, CBD on strips. This something that has not been done before.

Stats Dashboard Description

Refersion has a dashboard that allows the affiliate to track their performance and be up to date with the latest offers. They even have a panel for tips, new merchants and active offers.

Affiliate Sign-up Link is the link that allows you to sign up for the affiliate program.

Learn More About This Program

To learn about this program you can visit their site

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