CBD Living is a company formed to bring to consumers believing in the health benefits of CBD products, a superior product range. Established in 2013, the CBD Living affiliate program has a global presence and reach. The brand has distribution units across the world.

CBD Living offers a variety of CBD products, including CBD-infused water, soaps, gummies, patches, bath bombs, capsules, chocolate, CBD oil, beauty products, vapes, e-juices, syrups, tinctures, topicals tea and more.

CBD Living consists of global leaders, thought influencers and business experts, all united with a common goal of providing only superior hemp-rich products not available anywhere in the CBD market to consumers. The company has its headquarters in Corona, California.

CBD Living uses nanotechnology to manufacture its CBD products. As a result, CBD molecules are converted into nano-tiny particles, which makes it easier for the body to absorb the particles and enrich themselves in the process.



Commission Type

% of sales

Base and Maximum Commission

CBD Living Water Affiliate Program offers a 15% base commission.

Cookie Duration

30 days. For a conversion to be valid, there should be an online purchase through the affiliate link followed by a valid payment.

Estimated Conversion Rate


Estimated Order Value


Subscription Program


Single or Multi-Level (MLM)

MLM. Sub-affiliations are permitted.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager


Affiliate Manager Email


Marketing Tools Available

Yes – text links, affiliate newsletters, coupons, images, banners, graphic images, text, logos, trademarks, and trade dress

Affiliate Platform

A leading name in the affiliate marketing network, Refersion

Customized Lander Available


Promotional Assets

CBD Living Water affiliate program offers text links, banners, graphic images, images, text, affiliate newsletters, coupons and deals, trademarks, trade dress, and logos.

Offers Upsells to Customers


Payment Options


Payment Cycle




Unique Selling Point

· A wide range of CBD products

· 0% THC CBD products

· Tested products. COA – Certificate of Analysis- available

· CBD products are not animal-tested

· Organically grown CBD products

· Home-grown hemp cultivated in Colorado

· Cultivation and extraction of hemp is carried out at a state-licensed hemp farm and facility in Colorado

· Up to 90% of CBD bio-availability of products, which means better absorption by the body and greater health benefits

· Free shipping on orders above $115 within the USA

· Global leaders, CBD thought leaders and business people, part of the company, which translates into research-driven, safe, and reliable CBD products

Stats Dashboard Description

Tracking, Reporting and Payment Tools from Refersion

Affiliate Sign-up Link

Please visit the adjacent link to join CBD Living Water affiliate program: https://cbdliving.com/pages/affiliate-registration/

Learn More About This Program

Please click here for more information on the CBD Living Water affiliate program.



https://cbdliving.com/pages/affiliate-registration/ (including terms & conditions)




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