Transcend Labs Review

The Transcend Labs affiliate program is focused on selling a handful of full-spectrum CBD products, and selling them well. When brands specialize in providing customers with a specific niche within an industry, it usually means that they have taken the extra time to ensure that the quality of their products exceed expectations.

In addition to the full-spectrum line of products, the Transcend Labs affiliate program pays out more frequently than most other programs. Couple that with low priced, high-quality products, affiliates of this program should expect consistent commissions generated over time.

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Fresh Bros Affiliate Program

The Fresh Bros affiliate program is one of few high paying affiliate programs in the CBD niche. Unlike most CBD affiliate programs we’ve reviewed, the guys at Fresh Bros are focused on the B2B niche more so than direct to consumer sales. Affiliates promoting Fresh Bros will make the most money promoting their bulk and wholesale goods such as CBD isolate and distillate.

With a typical order value of $5,000, a standard commission on each sale could be $200 or more. Smart affiliates using the right mix of marketing could rake in the cash with commissions like these. Read more